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- Does Malossi sell directly to the public via its Malossistore sites?

Yes, as of the 1st of March 2014 sales are managed directly by the company. This is why both sales and the pre and post-sales services place the buyer directly in contact with Malossi S.p.A. in Italy.

- I’m a company, can I buy from Malossistore? 

Malossistore is reserved exclusively for private retail customers.

- Can I request an invoice for an order placed through the store?

Yes, before concluding the order you will need to choose the option "I wish to receive the invoice."

- How can I receive your stickers?

Some stickers are provided free of charge inside the packaging of purchased products or during exhibitions and fairs, or they can be purchased on our website.

- Are all the products displayed on your site available?

You’ll find the product availability in our warehouse on the product sheet of each article published online. Should the product be out of stock, you can send an email asking to be notified when it is available.



- What are the accepted payment methods? 
Currently we accept all major credit cards, as well as payments by PayPal.

- What are the shipping fees charged? 
The present shipping fees are AUD 9.50. There are times during which shipping fees are free on certain promotional offers.

- When does the debit due on my credit/debit card take place? 
If you paid by credit or debit card, the amount due is deducted immediately upon confirmation of the order. 


- Can I return a product?
If you believe that a product is defective or inadequate for use, you can send it back to us. However, you must follow the procedure detailed in this website under the section “Guarantee”. Providing that the returns procedure has been successfully executed (as aforementioned), we will check the product and, if the defect is confirmed, we will replace it.


Payment by credit card is not carried out on the site, rather you are redirected to the our payment agent’s secure servers and at the end of the payment process you will return to for confirmation.

We use E-Path’s Secure Private Channel Payment Gateway for payments made by credit card. Upon payment confirmation our site will redirect you via the SSL safety protocol to the page where you can enter your data and your card’s details.


- I installed one of your products but did not get the results I expected. What can I do?

Using the form in the "Contact" section of this website, you can send an email to us detailing all the components fitted (including any non-Malossi components) and outlining the problem you are experiencing,

- What can I install on my scooter as initial equipment?

We suggest you start with the Malossi variator or ‘Multivar’, coupled with our drive belt and, in most cases, our uprated clutch springs.

- Where can I find technical data for Malossi products?

You can find all the technical information regarding our products directly by clicking on the “Fitting Instructions” dropdown within the product description.

- What performance enhancement will I get with the Malossi variator?

The Malossi variator is designed to give an increase in pickup, not in speed. Our variator gives the scooter an improved sprint, a consistency when shifting, a greater mechanical "ease" at high speeds and a consistent performance unparalleled in most factory units. 

- What displacement does a cylinder have? 

You can find all the technical information regarding our products directly by clicking on the “Fitting Instructions” dropdown within the product description.

- Does the internal rotor ignition exclude the rest of the electrical system?


- Can I buy and install only the control unit for Aprilia Ditech?

The control unit is supplied in the kit along with the thermal unit and they must absolutely be installed together. You can also buy it on its own, but only as a spare part.

- Can I change my scooter model from fuel injection to carburettor?

Yes, you have to mount our 5512894 control unit, “KIT DIGITRONIC KRM - conversion to carb”, along with a carburettor and a specific thermal unit for carburettor vehicles. In your fuel-injected scooter spare parts, you’ll find an indication of the new parts to match with the 5512894 unit.

- What does the identifier code on the top of the piston signify?

It identifies the correct grade or coupling between the piston and cylinder. You can find this letter on the piston top and at the base of the cylinder. Zero (“0”) identifies the lowest size, increasing through A, B, C and D (the largest grade). Each grade signifies an   increase in piston size of 0.01mm (one hundredth of a millimetre). Beyond this, pistons for cast-iron cylinders are available in a range of oversizes. Details can be found in the item description.

- How much oil should I put into the Malossi fork?

You’ll find this information in the “Fitting Instructions” dropdown for the relevant product.

- I lost the Malossi silencer certification. What can I do?

You can print it directly from the “Fitting Instructions”  dropdown for the relevant product.

- Do the Malossi variators come with rollers?


- Can the lambda emulator controller (TC unit ‘O2 controller’) be matched with the Force Master 2 ECU?


- I’m buying a variator kit. Is everything I see in the website photo included in the kit?

Yes, everything you see in the photo is incorporated in the packaged product.

 - When should I replace a Malossi drive belt?

We recommend carrying out maintenance work on the belt and any other transmission components in accordance with the normal service intervals specified  by the manufacturer of the vehicle.