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We firmly believe that customer feedback is one of the most important factors driving the creativity and efficiency of a business and the products and services it supplies.

Each product offered by Malossi is conceived, developed and assembled in-house with the aim of satisfying the expectations of the most demanding riders for the technical improvement of their vehicle.

The high technological level of production, stringent testing and inspection processes and ISO9001 certified quality control ensure that defects in our products are extremely rare.

However, in the event that one of our products can be shown to possess an abnormality or flaw and:

  1.  it was installed in strict adherence to the assembly instructions supplied with the product;


  1.  the vehicle on which the product has been installed has been properly serviced and is in good mechanical condition;
  2.  the product has not been fitted in combination with other parts that are either (a) not manufactured by Malossi specifically for the vehicle model in question, or (b) not genuine manufacturer components installed on – or supplied specifically for – the vehicle model in question;

On our website you will find detailed technical information about your vehicle and the application of each particular Malossi product to that vehicle. Although many of our products can be fitted by operators with little mechanical experience, certain other products require a degree of technical expertise to fit correctly. If you experience a problem either in fitting or operation of one of our products, we strongly recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by a suitably qualified technician.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can refer the problem to Malossi via the “Contact” module on our website. If your technical issue is still unresolved after this, your mechanic may use the website “Contact” module again to refer the matter back to the Malossi specialist retailer from whom you made your original purchase.

As a last resort, and after one or more consultations with our technicians, it may be necessary to return the product in question to Malossi for physical inspection. In this event, the required procedure is as follows:-

The product must first be returned to the retailer from whom it was purchased, together with proof of purchase specifying the product code, date of sale & retailer’s contact information, and they will then liaise with Malossi or their regional Malossi specialist distributor to arrange inspection of the product.

If the product, or any component(s) of it, is subsequently determined to be defective, subject to the conditions of guarantee outlined above, we will replace the defective component(s). In all cases of confirmed defect, we reserve the right to retain the defective item for further inspection and testing.

In the event that, following inspection by Malossi or its authorised Malossi specialist distributor, the product is determined to be free from defect, it will be returned to its original point of sale and any onward return shipping will be the responsibility of the end purchaser.

We will not accept product returns actioned outside of the stated returns procedure, nor will we provide a replacement warranty on components that have been modified from their original factory format, whether by the end user or by a mechanic or technician at the point of sale or otherwise.

The warranty is limited to the replacement of any Malossi component deemed upon inspection to be defective and does not cover damage to the vehicle or to persons or property except as specifically provided by the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

All Malossi products are intended for sporting and competition use and are created as the result of decades of research and race-proven in numerous international competitions and racing series. As such, they may not comply with specific road traffic and vehicle legislation in the country of purchase and may be deemed suitable for competition use only. We disclaim all liability for damage arising from improper use of our products.

Furthermore, Malossi products belonging to the ‘MHR’ (Malossi Hyper Racing) competition line, whilst manufactured with the best materials and under stringent testing, are made exclusively for extreme competition use. They are therefore excluded from any form of guarantee. Despite our stringent manufacturing standards and quality controls, component failures due to breakage, fatigue, heat-stress or seizure can occur under the extreme conditions of competition use. However, if failure occurs as a direct result of a component defect, we will provide product warranty as outlined above.

Non-warranty returns

Responsibility for correct ordering and application of Malossi products rests with the end purchaser. We will not enter into any correspondence in relation to items incorrectly ordered or where the purchaser has had a change of mind. Furthermore, we accept no responsibility for items returned to us or to our authorised Malossi specialist distributors outside of the specified warranty inspection procedure.